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First Resources

First Resources offers counseling and other related service in Ottumwa, IA. We are a private, nonprofit corporation that offers a full range of programs for people with disabilities, children and families in need, drug and alcohol counseling, and mental health services for adults. We aim to give support to those who are in need of counseling and our services.

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Our Services Include:

  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Access to recovery program
  • Drug testing
  • Mom of meth support group

  Our services are also available in Centerville, Oskaloosa,
 and Sigourney.

Call First Resources today at 641-682-2800

Additional Contact Information:
Address: 100 N. Main St.
                Sigourney, IA

Phone: 641-622-2543

Contact Information


First Resources 333 N. Court St. Ottumwa, IA

First Resources
333 N. Court St. Ottumwa, IA